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Oh yeah... intro

Hello everyone. My name's Praseeda [sanskrit for good natured or something like that] but you can call me Presi. Here's my intro:
I'm a CD born in Saudi Arabia (although my birth certificate says India). My mom's Hindu and my dad's Muslim. [Yeah I know. Confusing marriage.] Neither are super strict on religion so it all works out. I've moved around quite a bit but I'm currently located in MD and go to a Catholic private school with my awesome buddy tamasha420. I've always considered myself too American for the Indians and too Indian for the Americans. I can understand every word of Telegu that comes out of my mother's mouth [Yes, she's from Andrapradesh] but I can't speak it. Customs are practically unknown to me as well. Until recently, I've felt sorta alone in all this but after a while I figured there were a few others like me. So that's why I'm here.
Any questions?
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