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Im not indian, but i joined this community anyway because I am very intrested by the culture and the people. I tend to think of my self as very confused also, I was born into an african american familly that is very tight nit and strongly traditional. Their expectations of me are sometimes frightning and sometimes I feel that I cant be just a 19 year old girl. They expect me to be a wife and mother in training. I was reading a post on this communitys page that was called "you know your indian when..." and i had to laugh because alot (and when i say alot i really mean alot) of those are the same as my familly. in a way im seeking to run away from my own culture and people only to find a group of people who are running away from theirs too.

its hard to grow up in a familly where you feel like an outsider. and even though im not indian by reading some of your posts ive gathered that you all feel the same way.

i hope to learn more about the indian culture and way of life more from joining this community from people who see it objectivly and not just as an insider looking at me as an outsider.

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